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Pieces of Eight is a guild originally formed by a core group of friends. The best thing is that that core group keeps getting larger as we keep adding excellent people to the guild! As a guild, we are focused on maximizing the playing experience and the social environment.

PoE doesn’t have an age or level limit, but it does have expectations of maturity (we tend to be in our 20s – 40s with a few exceptions). We believe in doing right by guildmates and in using the Golden Rule as our foundation. Number one rule? Don’t be an asshole. Fear not though, while we are sure to treat each other well, we refuse to be boring or stuffy. Eccentric personalities and bizarre sense of humor abound! Just ask anyone about PoE: After Dark.

Why Pieces of Eight?
Pieces of Eight and Doubloons are two common terms thrown around quite liberally in the old Pirate movies. Other coins such as “Reales” and “Escudos” are rarely mentioned. So what exactly are these coins?

During the Golden Age of Piracy (and well into the 19th Century) A Piece of Eight was a Spanish or Spanish American coin roughly that was roughly equivalent to today’s dollar coin. however, However unlike today’s American dollar which is worth 100 pennies, the Piece of Eight was worth, you guessed it, eight of Spain’s small common demonination, the Reale (sometimes spelled “real”).

As such the Piece of Eight was clearly marked with the number “8”. It may sound strange to some people to have 1/8 pieces but at one time the U.S. Dollar also was divided into eight pieces or bits. Remember the nursery rhyme “two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar”? Mexico continued to use a monetary system similar to the old Spanish Piece of Eight well into the 19th Century.